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It remains to this day as one of the most comprehensive mobile applications on the market. Letting users compile details notes and data from all relevant environmental, strain, and more, they have set the bar high.


But beyond Botana, there are a burgeoning number of other smart grow applications out there, continuing to integrate technology with cannabis. Getting ready to make their Kickstarter debut in , Snaphash combines machine learning with years of experience growing marijuana. They have marketed themselves as the first comprehensive grow guide for marijuana growers, in particular, they are focused on the first time or inexperienced grower unsure of the essential elements of marijuana growing.

Their mobile application will take through the basic elements of the set up to final stages of harvest.

Some of the features they plan to offer are a live guide to room set up. Using point and scan technology, Snaphash will estimate how many plants the designated area will fit, and give detailed notes on the light requirements for the space. Snaphash will also incorporate a scheduling feature to help you manage when to water and when to feed your crop, avoiding costly mistakes as you learn. If and when pests and disease strike, the app will importantly have a diagnosis feature with side-by-side visual photo comparison tool.

Track your progress as you move onto future grows, see statistics from other strains in your history, and join the Snaphash community to share your success stories. Growbuddy is a mobile application simple enough for hobbyists to use but packed full of valuable features that even commercial operations would reap benefits from.

The app strives to be a comprehensive database, capable of logging all relevant grow data to help you learn from your mistakes and compare against other strains and other crops.

6 things every beginning cannabis homegrower should know | Leafly

The GrowBuddy app is essentially a complete grow journal, helping you schedule and itemize tasks like watering and nutrient additions. Rambo said, in a post, that all of them have day jobs that do not involve growing marijuana, though he has been an amateur grower for half his life.

Above: And finally, at the highest end ha!

How to Grow Marijuana Indoors For Under $100

Leafly has more than , strain and dispensary reviews, viewed more than 31 million times a month. I found all three kinds of sites useful, and sometimes entertaining, and started to learn some things about being a marijuana grower. But mainly I learned that there was a lot to learn and would likely take years to get a clue.

So, you want to grow your own weed? Here's a simple guide to breeding

So I resolved to simply get Cutie to harvest, and try again afterward. Some yellowing is perfectly normal at this point, since the plant is focusing all its energy on making those nuggets, and the old, mature leaves already have made their contribution. I bought a low-nitrogen plant food, though, to keep the plant healthy, and the yellowing appears to be within the bounds of normal for this stage. The days are getting shorter.

This is part two of an ongoing series. Growing your own? Above: Healthy green leaves on my marijuana plant.

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Above: I clipped off all the dead or dying leaves from my marijuana plant. However, without taking time to tend to the plants properly or invest in necessities such as nutrients and proper lighting equipment, the flower produced would potentially not qualify for medical use, purchasable by the government. If adult-use cannabis is allowed, private growers could earn more natural profits from the protean plant with less quality control. Anutin believes Thailand could gain a competitive advantage by creating niche strains for exportation.

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Thailand became the first nation in Southeast Asia to legalize medical marijuana and kratom , in Adult-use cannabis remains illegal in the kingdom, with punishments including imprisonment. However, if Anutin keeps up the purportedly non-political momentum, that may soon be a thing of the past. I am a United Nations-based cannabis correspondent and global drug policy analyst. My work has been syndicated worldwide in various media outlets from The New York Time.