PDF Guidance 27/7: How to Open Your Heart and Live Intuitively with Divine Direction

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The issues that cannot be resolved with your rational faculty are unraveled by your spiritual faculty. Guidance through intellect is limited, but the guidance from Revelation brings to fore those dimensions that are beyond the grasp of your ordinary comprehension.

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Revelation thus compensates certain deficiencies in the laws of nature. He enables you to acquire knowledge through several sources and in many stages. This is the elementary state of knowledge that comes out of experience of causes and inference through logic and intellect, like how you can infer the presence of fire by seeing the smoke. Nay, you should never hanker after worldly gains, power and position, you shall come to know in time that you have been chasing a shadow. Nay, again We repeat, never should you misuse your life of probation, you shall come to know the consequences of it in time.

No, never! This is a higher state of knowledge, which comes from the subjective experience of nature and the laws of nature or is deduced from external facts, like how you can deduce prove the presence of the sun by seeing its rising. The events occurring to you after your death shall be opened to you, and you shall see them as if you are looking at them, and no doubt of any kind will be left for what you see. This is the highest state of knowledge , which is based on direct experience and taste, rather than by inference or by sight. This verse refers to a knowledge that cannot be known to a human being without Divine Revelation.

With this kind of knowledge, you feel divine existence from every direction and in every moment that you are conscious of His presence. This knowledge is imparted to you directly from above, and logical reasoning and the knowledge of nature are left far behind. Righteousness, and sublime morals, having no poisonous adulteration of selfish desires, can only be obtained through worship and prayer while treading on the path as shown in the form of Revelation to the Prophets.

Their guidance is the only true guidance through which these high qualities can come to you. Underneath the apparently pure exterior of some sermon readers, self-proclaimed religious guides, and ascetics, whose hearts are unaware of Divine Revelation, there is a lot of dirt.

These guides misguide, as their inner condition is tainted with ugly traits; no sooner are they alone than they become prone to commit such misdeeds, which is clear evidence of their being far removed from the pure fountain of genuine morals. Some say that human intellect, your instinct, or your intuitive ecstatic perception can lead to Divine Knowledge and to a state of spiritual exaltation, and that there is no need for Divine Revelation.

The impact of the human intellect, however, is limited. Such knowledge remains within the limitations of time and space. Through it you can neither easily understand life nor understand it with perfection. But instinct also has its own limitations. It occupies an important place in Hinduism and Buddhism and even in early Christian monasticism. It is the voice arising from the innermost recesses of the human mind, a voice worthy of being heeded.

You receive guidance through it for setting up standards of good and evil. If this voice is kept alive, and if it is heeded, many knotty problems of morality can be unraveled through it. Moreover, your ideas, sentiments, and emotions are shaped by your environment. In short, mere conscience is insufficient for attaining piety and God-Gnosis. What lies beyond this stage where you cannot reach? What lies hidden behind the veil beyond where your physical eyes cannot see, and where your intellect cannot perceive?

The Project Gutenberg eBook of Companion To The Bible, by E. P. Barrows

What universes exist beyond the stars? Here fails all human intellect, here fail all your physical and logical powers. You get tired and lost if no further light and guidance can be provided. How wonderful is this Message, which creates hope in you. The wings that enable you to fly high to the spiritual realms are these very wings of certainty that come directly from the Divine Revelation.

Wednesday September 25 and 26, 12222

It is this voice of certainty that leads you to the Presence of the All-Mighty in your very life. You do not put your hand in the fire, because you are certain that it will burn. You do not eat poison, because you are certain that it will kill you. The extent of all possible realities is not confined only to the realities that you can perceive through your five senses. It would be foolish to assert that you admit to the existence of only those things that you can see with your eyes, or can taste with your tongue, or smell with your nose, or hear with your ears, or touch with your hands.

Nor should your realities be limited to those that your intellect can deduce.

Logic, too, in itself, is not free of errors. Even a sound logical argument is only as strong as the assumptions on which it rests. Therefore the morals and ethical standards advocated by philosophers and secular societies are subject to fashions and follow the currents of the zeitgeist. You need a guide who sets you on to the right path leading to the knowledge about your Creator. Human beings need such a guide whose vision and perceptions, whose understanding of this life and of the hereafter, are free of errors, a guide who can lead to perfect certainty, like this one, when he saw the Divine Manifestation, his.

You need the blessing and direction of Divine Revelation through such a chosen guide, because societies whose individuals are immersed in their own self-interests and whose ideological bases are resting on the prejudices of race and colour, on nationality and patriotism without moral guidance, are plagued by the exploitation of some groups by others. This lack of moral direction eventually leads to societal struggle along class and other lines of separation. The failures of colonialism, fascism, Nazism, communism, and apartheid are just a few recent examples of failed, misguided social ideologies.

It is essential that a messenger with the strength of Divine Revelation be sent according to the Divine Law mentioned in and that he should be assisted in this mission. You read:. Thus, Divine Revelation is a human need. If you look closely, you find that both the physical and the spiritual systems of human beings operate under the same laws of nature. Just as He, the High, has provided for you according to your physical needs, similarly has He catered to the needs of your spirit and has provided means for you to meet those needs.

Say, The revelation and the soul is by the command of my Lord because little is the knowledge thereof that you have been given. Divine Revelation is a Divine Command and is therefore not subjected to any law that is known to human beings or to any unknown law of physics.

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  5. Divine Revelation ; ; ; —5 evolved in stages in the same manner as the human intellect evolved, till it covered all aspects of human life. In its perfection it covered the aspects to satisfy all human requirements. The very initial and crude form of Revelation is dreams that turn out to be true. This type of Revelation can be compared with sunlight, which falls on all the inhabitants of the world. It falls on a heap of dirt as well as on a diamond, and according to the respective capabilities; its effect can be seen.

    Even the transgressor is not deprived of this. Such Revelations are sent to encourage you to tread the path of purity and righteousness.


    They are the exposition or the manifestation of some truth in a dream. This difference has been known to Arab scholars for centuries, and they have coined different words for different qualities of dreams. In their attempts to interpret dreams, Western psychoanalysts and interpreters such as Thomas Brown 17 th Century , Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung 19 th Century , Calvin Hall 20 th Century and others have come forward with theories and explanations that have already been dealt with in detail in the past by Muslim scholars through much more comprehensive analyses.

    We thus know that they are true and come from the world of Truth. Muqaddimah , translated by F. I have seen in a vision eleven stars and the sun and the moon. The interpretation of his dream was at once understood by his father, Jacob, who advised him not to narrate his dream to his brothers.

    This is the kind of a dream that occurs within a wakeful, conscious state. Normally, the physical eye cannot see beyond a veil, and the physical ear cannot hear a distant voice, but in the state of a ka sh af , these veils are lifted, and the distance of time and space are overcome. Look towards the mountain! Such visions are backed by historical evidence, and none should dismiss them as fables of the past. Nor should they be dismissed as visual or acoustic hallucinations, because their quality is quite different. Then God said, how long have you stayed in this state of death? He replied, I may have stayed a day or a part of a day in this state.

    God said, Yes this too is correct but as you have witnessed in your vision you have stayed for a hundred years. Now look at your food and drink, they have escaped the action of time, and look at your donkey too, years have not passed over it. And We have made you visualize all this that We may make you a sign to the people. And look at the dead bones how We set them together and then clothe them with flesh.

    The Books of Tradition describe in detail this visionary experience by the Holy Prophet pbuh , as narrated by him. An English translation can never reach the sublimity, the power, the nobility, and the mighty Glory that is embedded in the original Divine Words:. It was near the Sidrah, which stands at the farthest end of knowledge. Near where also is the Garden that is the real eternal abode. This was when the sublime thing [the Divine Manifestation] which was to cover Sidrah had covered it.