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What an embarrassment that silly piece of junk still is today. It should have gone from the airport, along its current path, to the Strat and then ended at Fremont Street. The hotels nixed running it down Las Vegas Blvd. Had they run it down the middle of the Strip, it would have been a success from the start, as back in the s, there was a proposal for a people mover system that would have run between the airport and Downtown and run down the middle of LVB.

Bad location — too close to the airport and the taxpayers are getting screwed once again. You were listing mistakes, not corrections. Any attempt to distract from Las Vegas as a gambling and adult destination paved the way for conflicting revenue streams, poor gambling odds, and touristy trap attractions; all distractions to the spirit that built Las Vegas. To make it worse, Vegas failed on the execution of the decision. Although I do not agree with bringing kids to Vegas, perhaps Resorts World will be the property that gets it right and provides an answer for those who want to or must bring the kids to Las Vegas.

The lack of real competition has ruined the LV strip experience. This is why I am a downtowner. When downtown catches up, and they will I will stay home. So true. And, as you also point out, market concentration is a big part of the problem. All good points. Except for sports betting, there is no purpose in any of it for me. Or, I can stay home. When you shake a martini little bits of ice break off and it dilutes the drink.

Fruity drinks get shaken.

10 Mistakes All Rookies Make Their First Time In Australia

I prefer my martinis stirred. I got the parking comped. Vegas hotels should be honest and just add in their ridiculous resort fees and have one ridiculous room rate like everywhere else. Only because they have a monopoly and an addicted mass of sheeple can they get away with it. What I hate are the actual ice cubes that get stuck in my throat when I down the martini as a shot—straight from the shaker tumbler—ice and all.

When it comes to martinis, dramatic effect is key. Excellent counterpoint! I guess if you are drinking Popov rather than Belvedere tossing it back quickly is better.

Making sober wagering decisions, for a change, could turn into a real windfall for me. All thanks to you. That remains to be seen.

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Teams of stoned engineers are at the drawing board trying to figure out if Tipsy Robot can open a bag of chips. That option is available to you if you want it, but the average rate for a hotel room in the U. Try having to stay around a major airport. Happened to a colleague last year.

Equipment only partially recovered. The just are honest about their ridiculous prices. The Stardust looms pretty big here. Boyd really should have tried to develop the back lot first as a just in case. However, props to Boyd for bouncing early and not going full FB or Harmon. At risk of being banned by the blogger, I will add to the list the Fremont Street video canopy. I think the pedestrian mall was a great idea, but I never liked the canopy above.

I think it really destroyed the beauty and art of the classic neon signs of Fremont Street, which can now only really be enjoyed in old photos, even though they are still there. Ha, no banning for misguided opinions.

This Happened At The Worst Possible Time…

The canopy saved a dying downtown. The neon signs were, and are, charming, but the vast majority of people who visit downtown go there because of the light shows. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. You'll get exclusive deals and discounts reserved only for registered customers.

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Top 10 Things You Should Never Do In Las Vegas

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