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But the rush of celebrity, however, soon has him turning to humans for his subject matter. The Tingler : Except for maybe my gym teachers and Uncle Hymie, William Castle probably scared me more than anyone else in my childhood. Vincent Price plays the doctor delving into the physiology of what makes people frightened and discovers that everyone has an undetectable centipede-like creature attached to their spine.

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Now, if he can just find one on a dead person during an autopsy! Someone gets dosed by LSD! And then, of course, there is the scene where the creepy crawly is loose in the movie theater!

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Wells story may be my favorite movie of all-time. Along with everything that is great about it—the nifty special effects, Rod Taylor as the stalwart lead, a supporting cast that includes Alan Young and Sebastian Cabot, the talking rings, the memorable score by Russell Garcia, and the gorgeous Yvette Mimieux as futuristic fox Weena—there are those Morlocks, bug-eyed beasts who live underground and terrorize the peaceful Eloi with their unpredictable assaults and cannibalistic palates.

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Are they not men? They are Devo.

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Steele actually has two roles, the 18 th century witch known as Princess Asa, and Katia, her beautiful descendant. All are found in a house in New England where psychic investigator Richard Johnson is joined by house heir Russ Tamblyn, lesbian ESP expert Claire Bloom and emotionally distraught Julie Harris to determine if the unwilling spirits are real or not.

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  • Here Wise and company prove that the cinema of suggestion can often be the creepiest of all, goosebumps guaranteed. MovieFanFare MoviesUnlimited.

    But that recent marathon got me thinking: What else scared the hell out of me when I was a kid? We were curious: What movies can you recall being afraid of when you were young? Finally confronting the fact that Joey and Pacey belong together, Dawson sets Joey free of his clinginess with a self-sacrificing monologue. You love him like I love you. The only difference is he loves you back the same way. In fact, he Ugly Cried to the extent that he gave birth to the Crying Dawson Face that instantly became an iconic screenshot and, latterly, a ubiquitous meme.


    Second, he alleviated any fears of a last-minute Dawson and Joey reunion by coming down firmly on the side of Joey and Pacey. Self-aware to the end, he gave Dawson the appropriately narcissistic ending of becoming the creator of his own coming-of-age drama, The Creek. Williamson made a welcome return to horror, in particular the long-running Vampire Diaries , whose smouldering, immortal, blood-sucking brothers betrayed the occasional sensitive moment between bouts of neck-snapping and decapitation.

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