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The Dharma Bums. New York: Viking Press, Lash, Scott, and John Urry. London: Sage Publications, Translated by Gregory Rabassa.

New York: Pantheon Books, Edward B. Tylor, Edward B.

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Edited by Paul Bohannan. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, See esp.

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Ben Rafoth New Hampshire: Heinemann, , Harris, Muriel. New Hampshire: Heinemann, Studying printed books as physical objects can reveal not only how books were produced, but also how their design and layout features emerged and came to convey meanings. This concise and accessible introduction to analytical bibliography in its historical context explains in clear, non-specialist language how to find and analyze clues about a book's manufacture and how to examine the significance of a book's design.

Written by one of the most eminent bibliographical and textual scholars working today, the book is both a practical guide to bibliographical research and a history of bibliography as a developing field of study. For all who use books, this is an ideal starting point for learning how to read the object along with the words.

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