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18 Powerful Poetry Books Like MILK AND HONEY by Rupi Kaur

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Take Our Weekly Quiz. This collection uses evocative and accessible language. Kaur jumps between first- and second-person pronouns. She breaks conventional rules of traditional poetry, as she chose to honor her mother tongue Punjabi.

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She writes with lower-case letters, creating grammar and punctuation 'mistakes'. Her style is direct, which enables the reader to develop a relationship with the author. Rupi Kaur's poetry was described as easy and simple. She is credited with changing people's views of poetry, because "she tells it how it is". The book received criticism over claims that Kaur's work plagiarized that of Nayyirah Waheed. Critics cited similarities between the two poets' writing style of short poems with jagged punctuation and line breaks, and for the same imagery.

Milk and Honey received criticism regarding InstaPoetry, with Bustle stating that Kaur and the book have "by far born the brunt of these critiques.

The 10 Best Poems In Rupi Kaur's Milk And Honey

For every positive review of Kaur's work there is at least one scathing critique, ranging from actual engagement with her writing to cheap shots claiming she had "commodified her South Asian heritage". John Maher of Publishers Weekly stated that while a survey reported a drop in poetry reading between to , poetry sales figures doubled in , two years after Kaur published Milk and Honey.

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Might be because this is coming from a teenage girl, but it's rare that people share that opinion. There is this book that is a parady, I don't remember the name, I'm sorry, but my class mates were outraged because of plagiarism, and I pointed out it was a self proclaimed parady and I was insulted?

Maybe I'm just surrounded with toxic people with poor taste, but as soon as I ask the internet to explain me the greatness behind milk and honey, the internet responds it is trash.

It's a "I'm a delicate flower tossed by the tempest of life who found the inner strength to remain beautiful and unique" type books that's full of easy cliches. It's not terrible it's just simplistic. I don't think it's written with the idea that the audience will be experienced deep readers. It's a poetry book for people who don't like poetry which, to be fair, is almost everyone nowadays.

Her books might be selling well but I doubt anyone will look back on poetry at the beginning of the 21st century and and mention her name. I kind of disagree with you. It's not a might as well read something, if that something isn't even good, what benefits did it come from just scrolling your name through a bunch of letters thrown together. I guess it's better than nothing, but not much better.

Review: Poetry book “Milk and Honey” illustrates the struggles of womanhood – The Eagle Eye

If I picked up a children's book with a phrase per page and an illustration I wouldn't be learning that much from that reading experience, so I shouldn't feel glad I was taking that time to read? Check out the instagram account RuPaulKaur It's pretty golden. Given that I haven't read the entirety of Milk and Honey I cannot promise that my assessment is a fair one. However, from the little of it that I have read, the "poems" are superficially deep and astonishingly naive.

They are the kind of poems that might seem striking in the moment but which have no substance of meat to them; they will not stick with you. This is also how I feel about John Green's books. As much as I enjoy them - and I do enjoy them - I find them incredibly impactful while I am reading them and in the short-term; but, in the long-term, I find they fizzle our and dwindle, their message weak and fuzzy; not emphatic, not memorable, not challenging. I feel the same way.

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Although, I guess, achieving an everlasting inpression on the reader is a feat not many can achieve anyway, especially in this day. But I still wouldn't compare John Green to Kaur, the former at least has some substance. While I have problems with her poetry, which align mostly with that you said, I think one of the main things that threw me off is that the poems don't translate well to a physical book medium.

Like, if I saw one of her poems in the book on Instagram or Tumblr, I'd be like "oh, that's a nice little poem, I like it.

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But reading it on a book, I don't think I can hold it to the same standards of other poetry I've read though fair enough, my non-academic poetry reads consist of rereading the same Neruda and Benedetti booklets, so I would say those standards are rather high.